#Flower Arranging#Halloween Special at Millman Street Community Centre


Blooming Haloween at Millman Street Centre

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members once again showed their creative side by attending another Flower Arranging workshop hosted by our friend, Master Florist Peter.

Today’s theme was Halloween, and Peter brought in a few seasonally pertinent items – mini-pumpkins, masks, spiders etc – to compliment his arrangement.  Peter also brought in plants called ‘Bunny Ears’ and ‘Leather Leaf,’and also a plant called ‘Witches Hair’, which he explained was called Agave in Latin.

One of only four Master Florists in the UK, Peter had to learn all the Latin names for flowers during his training, and also suffers from Tennis Elbow as a consequence of his career in floristry.  He also told how he had to get to Covent Garden around 4:30am to procure the best flora for today’s workshop.  Eh? Repetitive Strain injuries?  Up at the crack of dawn?  Having to learn Latin?!?  Quod Vita!  [look it up] Admit it: you thought florists had it a lot easier, didn’t you?

Given the Halloween theme of today’s workshop, this reporter was tempted to dust off his DJ-ing ‘skills’ (ahem) on the wheels of steel and attempt to provide a suitably grim soundtrack to the proceedings.  Mercifully, the predictable outcry/backlash against such a thing didn’t get past the booing stage, as the hapless fool (a) didn’t have any decks, and (b) could only think of three Halloween-type songs, anyway: The Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, Halloween by the Dead Kennedys, and the theme to the film Halloween (1978), composed by its director, John Carpenter.

As ever, our members enjoyed making the floral arrangements, showing some real enthusiasm and talent, and were today joined by Chantal, our proper journalist friend from The Independent, whose own workshop at the centre [see: https://millmanstreet.wordpress.com/2017/10/25/proper-journalists-autumn-poetry-at-millman-street-centre/] had just concluded as Peter arrived to begin his.

And now for a slideshow.  Spooky, eh…?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Peter doesn’t just provide creative entertainment here at Millman Street Centre.  With his Flower Arranging class at Marchmont Street Community Centre in Bloomsbury, he is also overseeing a photographic entry for this year’s International Design Of The Year competition.  There will be medals for the best work, and of course we wish Peter the best blooms-buryin’ luck.

Cum laude (with praise) to Peter from all at HCA.  We hope he will return to teach and inform our members again very soon.

Foggy photos and withered words: Notes Smudger

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