#Proper Journalist’s #Autumn Poetry at Millman Street Centre


Chantal and Helena’s autumn leaves…

Today, our friendly local proper journalist, Chantal, once again engaged Millman Street Community Centre members with another good-for-the-brain Creative Writing workshop.  As ever, Chantal was assisted by Sarah.  Today’s session was concerned with poetry; its theme: Autumn.

Chantal made some leaves out of thin card paper, on which HCA members wrote their couplets.  Once again, our members’ work was honest, heartfelt and unpretentious – unlike this reporter who, invited to join in, could of course only spout a few lines of poncey nonsense.  Fortunately, posterity does not preserve his feeble outpourings, and, too well-mannered to scoff, Chantal and our members instead read aloud from their own creations:

“A period after summer/A period where the summer sun disappears/And winter starts to show its teeth,” wrote and later orated Helena, adding: “Sometimes, though, autumn can be quite warm.”

Quite so.  Today was quite lovely for a late October day, and the warmth of the sun could actually be felt on the neck of your HCA hack (once he was banished to the garden after his aforementioned efforts).

Ivy contributed to the workshop, too: “Trees and forests/Autumn is my favourite time of year/the different colours take your breath away/But sad because winter will soon be with us/So very beautiful when snow falls.”

David also found the muse was with him, and conjured up the following:

“The autumn leaves drift by my window/The autumn of red and gold/I see your face in soft breezes/Your sunburnt islands I used to know/But I miss you most of all my darling/When autumn leaves start to fall.”


Time/As ever/Not for a bloke named Trevor/But instead have a decco/At the following slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After her Creative Writing workshop concluded, Chantal stuck around and joined our members in a Flower Arranging workshop, hosted by Master Florist Peter [see https://millmanstreet.wordpress.com/2017/10/25/flower-arranginghalloween-special-at-millman-street-community-centre/].


This was in the garden. Autumnal signifier or Turner Prize nominee…?

Holborn Community Association would once again like to thank Chantal for providing our members with such a creative workshop.

Her work can be seen in The Independent (online), and she can be contacted via: chantal.dasilva@independent.co.uk

Fall photos and poetic injustice: Notes Smudger

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