#Boccia at Millman Street Centre


6-4 to the Reds…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed another game of Boccia, an activity which has become popular at the Centre of a Wednesday afternoon, and, it seems, trendy in Camden generally.

Naturally, your HCA reporter had never heard of this trending activity until it was demonstrated before his very eyes by our much better informed members.  After literally moments of research (and in no way cribbing from online sources, no siree), the hapless hack discovered that the sport of Boccia is usually played by athletes with severe physical disabilities.  And that it was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy, but now includes athletes with other severe disabilities affecting motor skills.  It became a Paralympic sport in 1984, and in 2008 was being practised in over fifty countries around the world.

Today, HCA members David and George enjoyed a contest here in the centre.  The object of the game is to get your Boccia ball closer to the Jack than your opponent.  At the time of blogging, the score was 6-4 to David.   Sarah acted as umpire/referee/keeper of order just in case a spate of Boccia hooliganism broke out.


Sarah keeps order…


George stages a fightback…

Are there plans for a Boccia World Cup at Millman Street Centre, to coincide with the football World Cup in the summer of 2018?  If so, will England be drawn in a group of death, but somehow squeeze through to the next round, only to be vanquished on penalties to Germany/Argentina/Faroe Islands/Dutch Antilles, etc?

Watch this space.  Holborn’s bid for the 2018 Boccia World Cup starts (and probably ends) here…


This reporter has just learnt that there really is a 2018 Boccia World Championships, and that it will be hosted at Exhibition Centre, Liverpool from the 9th to 19th August 2018.  It is to be run by Boccia UK.  But will any of our members be selected for the finals?  Better start training now, folks…

For more info please go to: info@boccia.uk.com


David: Does World Cup glory await…?

Fuzzy photos and rambling report: Notes Smudger


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