#New Year Party 2018 (Belated) or 2019 (Early) at Millman Street Community Centre


Happy New Year 2018 (or 2019)…

Let Holborn Community Association be the last to wish you a Happy New Year, 2018 (or, perhaps, the first to wish you a Happy 2019).  Why the confusion?  Well, yesterday – yes, January 16th – Millman Street Community Centre held its New Year Party.  Eh?  New Year Party?  In the middle of the month?

Initially, this reporter was similarly perplexed at this break with tradition, but has become used to the, erm, surreal aspect of life at HCA, not least the apparent disregard for chronology, calendars, etc.

Anyhoo, the party was celebrated in the company of our friends The Raggle-Taggles.  By all accounts, they performed a sterling set, with old favourites like Any Old Iron, and My Old Man’s A Dustman, adding Auld Lang Syne to the set list, it being the 16th of January and all.

Sarah was on hand to take some, erm, festive pictures, set out in the traditional Millman Street slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank The Raggle-Taggles for performing, out of season (as it were) for our members at Millman Street Centre.  We look forward to to their return later in the year.  Possibly to sing Christmas Carols at, ooh let’s see, Easter?  Whitsun?  Halloween…?

Photos by an up to date Sarah; report by last year’s model: Notes Smudger

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