#Boccia at Millman Street Centre: The Rematch of the Boccia Titans


Goliath (George, actually) v David…

Once again, Millman Street Community Centre was recently the venue for a Boccia contest between those titans of the sport, George and David.  This sort of good-for-both-brain-and-physique-type activity has become a common sight here at the Centre of a Wednesday afternoon.

So, what was the score?  Dunno.  Your HCA hack was scribbling away on other stories, while Sarah was busy taking the pictures.  But, as is oft said when England lose on penalties in the World Cup [see: this coming summer in Russia], it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts.  And George and David certainly took part.  Why, even Mulegetta had a go, as evidenced by Sarah’s snap:


Mulegetta waits to come on as sub…

There’s no doubting  the excitement of Boccia during these Wednesday afternoon contests.  But, erm, some sports aren’t for everyone.  For instance, this snap of volunteer Pat, apparently asleep, is taken completely out of context:  she was “just resting her eyes” and was otherwise enthralled.  The caption says so…


Pat (centre) enthralled…

Photos by Sarah; report: Notes Smudger

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