#Wallace Collection at Millman Street Centre


Ghanaian warrior’s mask, circa 17th Century

Today, our friends from the Wallace Collection once again brought some of their priceless treasures to Millman Street Community Centre for the perusal of our members.

Simultaneously, HCA’s Activities Coordinator, Carmen, hosted a jewellery-making workshop.  The two separate events happily overlapped, imbuing the chill January air with an atmosphere of  creativity and art appreciation.

Anita and Frances from the Wallace Collection brought photographs of several priceless artefacts, including a 17th Century Ghanaian warrior’s gold mask.  “It’s extremely valuable,” Anita said.  “Very precious.  It’s the largest object made of gold out of Africa, apart from ancient Egypt,” she explained.

She also brought photos of a gold-enamelled corner cabinet designed “For a French Queen” and her sitting room.

Frances, meanwhile, showed George and other members images of swords and a water ewer, also objects d’art to be found in the Wallace Collection.


Badly-photographed swords


Costly, beautiful ewer (and Frances’s thumb)


Sacre bleu: French cabinet

Carmen’s jewellery-making workshop kept Margaret, Rose and Shonni busy, churning out tomfoolery that this dollar-sign-eyed spiv-hack hopes to flog as authentic sparklers at Hatton Garden [he writes, from his new mansion on the Costa Del Bling]…

Ahem.  Anyway, Sarah was otherwise engaged, and so, sadly, today’s photos were taken by this reporter – with his usual slipshod, out-of-focus bungled efforts blighting an otherwise pulchritudinous scene:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Farcical photos and rotten report: Notes Smudger

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