#Funky Schmutta #Clothing Party at Millman Street Centre


Schmutta fingers: Neil at Millman Street Centre

Today, Holborn Community Association was once again pleased to host one of Neil’s Clothing Parties at Millman Street Community Centre.  These have become regular events at the Centre, with our members always keen to find a bargain.  And with the onset of Spring (we hope), as the daffodils emerge, so do the lighter clothes after the wrap-up-warm-it’s-brass-monkeys-out-there British winter.

Among our, erm, ‘models’ taking to the catwalk today was Steve, who had his eye on the slinky little number in the photo (below).  Did he haggle with Neil to get an absolute bargain?  Or at least a 10% discount?  Both parties remained tight-lipped (and Steve tight-walleted) about that particular transaction…


Supermodel Steve’s Spring Collection…


Neil poses at request of hopeless hack…

If, by some chance, Neil hasn’t earned enough moolah today at Millman Street Centre to be able to retire to sunnier climes, where the garments roam free etc, etc, we hope to see him again in a month or three for another Clothing Party.


Neil notes Notes Smudger’s threads with professional scorn…

Schmutta snapped and wrote about by, perhaps, fashion’s biggest victim: Notes Smudger

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