#Happy Birthday(s), Rose and Carmen


The birthday girls

Last Thursday (15th March), Millman Street Community Centre members helped not one but… [Notes’ note: what’s the number after “one”?; Two? are you sure?  Ok, ok..you’re sure?  Ok…]… two of our regulars celebrate their respective birthdays.  For you see, they were both born on the same day.  Albeit in different hospitals, in different years, and so on.

So who were and, indeed, are they?  Millman Street member Rose, for one, and HCA’s Activities Co-ordinator, Carmen, for the other.

Rose’s family turned up, with wine, cake and cards for her.  Simultaneously, Carmen tucked into a different cake, a chocolate one made to order by volunteer Gloria (a dab hand at this sort of thing; should be on Bake-Off, etc).

Any road up, both had Happy Birthday To You sung to them, and enjoyed the aforementioned cakes which, in keeping with Millman Street custom, no one saved a slice of for this reporter.  However, not being saved slices of two separate cakes is a first, as the greedy-guts hack is keen to point out to all who’ll listen [i.e: no one].

Not only do Rose and Carmen share a birthday, they also share their big day with this bunch, who didn’t turn up to Millman Street Centre to share their own cakes, the blighters:

Paul Vaughn Thomas, Welsh musician and composer (born 1848), Beach Boys singer Mike Love (1941), film director David Cronenbourg (1943), former Middlesbrough footballer Gianluca “Uncle” Festa (1969), and Will.I.Am off the telly (1975).

Sarah took the photos, various HCA members, staff and Rose’s kin posed with cakes in not untypical birthday bash poses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holborn Community Association would like to wish both Rose and Carmen many, many more Happy Birthdays, and hope that they’ll spend them with their pals here at Millman Street Centre.

Uncle Fester_1966)

There’s only one Gianluca Festa…

Photos: Sarah; blather: Notes Smudger

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