#Mindfulness at Millman Street Centre


Mindfulness at Millman Street Centre

There is a new workshop at Millman Street Community Centre of a Thursday.  It takes place between 11am and 12 noon, and it is called Mindfulness.  Hosted by Michael from Kingsway Community College, the workshops are drama sessions, often featuring movement and exercises.

So if you’re dramatic, or indeed overly so (but not melodramatic of course, no, no; that’d never do), blow the dust off your fantasy Oscar acceptance speech and get your acting bones down to Millman Street to give rein to thy thespianic aspirations.  Sirrah…

Ahem.  We can’t guarantee you a three-series sitcom deal on BBC2, nor even a seldom-watched (if gritty) drama serial on one of the more obscure Freeview channels, like Holborn TV’s frightful Smudger Of Millman Street [audience high: 34].  But you might just pick up an acting tip or two, along with plenty of exercise, and a few good chortles chucked in…


Movement. Captured in a still…

Scene-stealing cinematography: Sarah; misspelled mindlessness: Notes Smudger

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