#Table Tennis at Millman Street Community Centre


Margaret and Helena take on the youth…

Millman Street Community Centre now has a table tennis table for the benefit of our members.  The table and apparatus has come to HCA thanks to Highbury Table Tennis Club.  Volunteer Gloria is on the committee of the London Aged Christian Society, to whom we have applied for a grant to help cover the costs.

The table has been much in use already, with our members and staff exercising while having fun.  This morning, they were joined by Tibebe and Craig, students from Westminster Academy who braved the beautiful Spring weather [i.e: pouring rain] to attend Millman Street on work experience.

Their History tutor, Corinna, also popped in to see how things were proceeding before she returned to the Academy to teach more Medieval History classes.  Fortunately, she didn’t take this reporter back with her to display alongside other ancient artefacts, and has no current plans to teach the history of table tennis.

With the table tennis table now installed, is there to be a Ping Pong World Cup staged at Millman Street Centre, to rival the football one in Russia this summer?  It seems unlikely at the moment.  However, in time, there may be some kind of table tennis contest staged at the Centre [As soon as your HCA hack can find a suitable ringer, set up shop as a Flash Harry-type spiv/bookie, nobble the referee, etc]…

Ahem.  Sadly, Sarah was busy this morning, and so the photos were taken by this reporter, who hopes to pass them off as “action shots” rather than the blurry snaps they actually are:

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Contact Highbury Table Tennis Club: http://www.highburyttclub.co.uk/

Contact London Aged Christian Society: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/charity/the-london-aged-christian-society

Holborn Community Association would like to thank both organisations.

Blurred images and words: Notes Smudger

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