#Pottering About: About Pottery at 1A Arts#New Arts Manager


David and friend…

On Thursday, 29th March, some of our Millman Street Community Centre members traveled to 1A Arts for another of Colleen’s Pottery workshops.  They made faces – literally, as that was the theme of the latest workshop.  Self-portraiture in clay/Was the order of the day…*

[*no poetry intended; – none taken – HCA Overlords]

Ahem.  Our members, including David and Shonni, were accompanied by Sarah, who, as David told this reporter, “Joined in, and did one of her own.”

She did indeed, although the resultant result – a miffed-looking Sarah – is quite at odds with her personality.  As ever, she took some marvellous photos.  Just as well, or the following slideshow would look silly if she hadn’t:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Usually, at this point in the blog, your HCA hack resorts to tales of, erm, dubious provenance and questionable accuracy in order to pad out his reports.

However, as this blogpost took shape, he was able to fill the endless tundra with genuine, relevant-to 1A Arts-news.  For 1A’s new Arts Manager, Hazel, turned up at Millman Street Centre.  So you have her to thank for being spared all manner of pottery- and clay-related punnery [for instance, Richard Clay-derman was being warmed up].

Hazel only started work on Monday, so obviously can’t shed much light on Colleen’s Pottery workshops as yet.  She came over to Millman Street Centre to get a feel for the place and its Arts-related activities.

Hazel hails from East Yorkshire, and completed her Drama Degree in Hull.  Prior to joining HCA, she worked mainly in Participatory Theatre, delivering workshops for kids with special needs.  In deference to her newcomer status, we’ll spare her the Legz Akimbo jokes.  For now…


Hazel: the new Arts Manager at 1A Arts

Hazel plans to do “a lot of different arts” with the young, through to senior citizens, and indeed, the wider community.  One project she previously did with the kids was making papier mache puppets during a series of workshops, then performing a story with them as a finale.

It’s early doors, but there may be scope for a similar series of workshops for HCA members at the Centre.  As far as this reporter is aware, there has not as yet been a Puppetry workshop here.  Watch this space.

Millman Street Centre members will again be, erm, pottering about at 1A Arts, under the watchful gaze of Colleen, next Thursday (19th April).


Holborn Community Association wishes Hazel all the very best in her new role, and we hope to see much more of her at Millman Street Centre in the coming months.


An uncharacteristically grumpy Sarah…

Photos: Sarah; report (and Hazel pic): Notes Smudger

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