#Pottery 2: The Reglazening#Pottery Workshop at 1A Arts


Potty about pottery: David with Colleen

On 19th April, some of our members returned to 1A Arts for another Pottery Workshop, under the tutelage of Colleen.  This follows on from her previous workshop on March 29th, where our members made clay faces of themselves.

HCA members – including Shonni and David – their eyes squinched up and tongues lolling in concentration, worked on their creations while Sarah documented their art in a series of photographs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Colleen for providing our members with another interesting and creative Pottery workshop.


Works in progress…

Porcelain-like photos: Sarah: glazed-eyed stare caused by the write-up of: Notes Smudger

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