#Potty About Pottery#Millman Street Arts

Sarah Pot-1

Sarah presented with her finished artwork by Colleen

For those of you following the developments of Millman Street Community Centre members’ Pottery Workshops at 1A Arts (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t?), here’s the latest:

Last Monday (14th May), in contravention of all convention, Colleen journeyed from 1A Arts to Millman Street Centre, in order to present Sarah with the latter’s completed artwork.  It is a moody self-portrait in clay, expertly glazed by Colleen.

Sarah declared herself happy with the completed likeness, albeit with some reservations about the nose.  Other staff note that the moodiness captured in the portrait is somewhat at odds with her usual, somewhat sunnier, disposition.  Still, that’s artistic licence for you.

Anyhoo, the finished piece is now on display at the Centre, along with other works, in a new display case.  Could this innovation be an embryonic stage of a Millman Street Centre Art Gallery?  If so, will there eventually be a Turner Prize-type, erm, prize for artworks made by our members?  And, even iffer so, will there be a sizeable cash prize for the winner, which this reporter will gladly “look after for them” (ahem) while they concentrate on their next creative works, and certainly not flee with to sunnier climes for a well-(un) deserved holiday-cum-“fact finding tour” of creative spaces (i.e: pubs)…?

Of course, the art loving public will ultimately be the judge….

Sarah Pot-2-me

A rare likeness (on right) of HCA hack

Watch this space for any news of a Millman Street Centre Art Gallery and/or Art Prize.


Holborn Community Association would like to thank Colleen for providing our members with her Pottery workshops. We hope there will be more soon.

Sarah Pot-3-me

Sarah’s Self-Portrait

Main Photo: Andrew; other snaps and potty write-up: Notes Smudger

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