#Line Dancing Classes at Millman Street Centre


Execute similar movements in a synchronized manner, y’all…

Yee- and, indeed, -ha, pardners…!  Dust off your Stetsons, your demijohns of moonshine and your spittoons and bring them down to Millman Street Community Centre Next Wednesday (13th June).

Why?  Because Emma from the Mary Ward Centre will host a Line Dancing class at the Centre, that’s why, pilgrim.

Ahem.   The class is due to run from 4pm to 5pm, and is open to all HCA members.

So what is Line dancing, exactly?  Is there more to it than dressing up like a cowboy, affecting a poor American Southern drawl and justifying the lazy cliches reproduced by HCA’s Grub Street scribe in the opening paragraph?

Research shows that it is defined as a form of dance that takes place with a group of participants who line up in rows and execute the same movements in a synchronized manner.

If you’re over 55, live local, and that sounds like your cup of tea, then please contact our Manager, Andrew, for further details on 02074052493 (option 2).

Report: Notes Smudger

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