#Open Day 2018 at Millman Street Community Centre


Happy Open Day, Anne…

Last Friday (8th June), Millman Street Community Centre hosted its annual Open Day.  There were stalls and clothes rails, a buffet, fun and games and a raffle.  Various chocs, bottles of wine, a set of fancy mugs, toiletries and other sundry treats were won by various members.

People from The Working Men’s College held a hand-made birthday card-making workshop, which many of our members enjoyed.

As the Open Day is one of those events intended to show Millman Street Centre in a positive light, naturally your HCA hack was banished, lest he lower the tone.  Therefore, his terrible photography wasn’t allowed to happen.  Fortunately, our Manager, Andrew, was on hand to document the day in a series of properly-taken photographs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sales from the clothes rail, bric-a-brac, raffle and donations raised funds for Holborn Community Association.  Takings were up on 2017’s Open Day total.  Those who generously contributed will be relieved to know that this reporter’s ostensibly noble offer to “count the takings, just in case there were any, erm, errors” was immediately recognised by HCA’s eagle-eyed overlords as a brazen ploy to siphon off a percentage to fund his own nefarious activities.


HCA would like to thank everyone who took part in Millman Street Community Centre’s 2018 Open Day – staff, volunteers and members, The Working Men’s College, and special thanks to our catering staff, all of whom helped make the day a great success.


Delighted at the news of HCA hack’s banishment…

Photos: Andrew; report: Notes Smudger

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