#Fresh Minds at Millman Street Community Centre


(Fresh) mind how you go…

Today, volunteers from Freshminds returned to Millman Street Community Centre, to engage our members in sculpturing clay, using play-doh.  Other volunteers from Freshminds had given our members an Arts Workshop back in August.

Today’s volunteers – Joy, Bhav, Archie and Kaylah – usually work as Recruitment Advisors, and today was another of Freshminds‘ charity in the community days.

Volunteer Gloria helped out, as did Steve, who was roped in to take photos as Sarah was busy and this reporter takes poor snaps.


Gloria’s “Flowers and tea cup”…


The shape of thingummies to come…


Bhav enjoys a joke…


Edna yucks it up…

Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Freshminds volunteers for choosing Millman Street Community Centre as the place to spend their charity day, and of course for helping our members create something and enjoy themselves.

You can contact Freshminds via: info@freshminds.co.uk

Kingsbourne House, 229-231 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA


Playful photos: Steve; report by Notes “doh!” Smudger


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