#Gardening Guru at Millman Street Centre


The importance of composting…

A couple of Wednesdays ago (12th September), HCA’s resident gardening guru, Rima, again engaged Millman Street Centre members with another Gardening Workshop.

Exactly what took place remains a mystery, as plantswoman Rima was not quizzed by HCA’s Gardening Correspondent (i.e: this reporter) at the time.  Thankfully, Sarah took some photos, and to judge by them, the theme of the workshop was composting.


Plantswoman Rima nutures interest…

Composting is of course essential to the growth and nuturing of plants and flowers, and is not “messy” or “Urgh!  Filthy dirty”, as certain squeamish scribes (no names, no seed drill) like to blubber.

Ahem.  It’s a pity that the rotten writer wasn’t involved in the session, given the aptness of fertiliser to his general appearance and, some might say, personality.  But there you are…


Rose gets stuck in…

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Rima for her Gardening Sessions at Millman Street Community Centre over several years.  We hope she will continue to educate, inform and entertain our members for many years to come.

Fertile photos: Sarah; rotting report: Notes Smudger


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