#Flower Arranging Power #at Millman Street Community Centre


Flower Power: Peter with HCA members

Last Wednesday (26th September), Millman Street Community Centre members were once again treated to the expert Flower Arranging of our pal, Peter, the Master Florist.

The theme was sunflowers, as photo’d by Sarah.  Perhaps inspired by Van Hogh’s famed Sunflowers painting?  Hmm.  Difficult to say for this reporter, as he wasn’t present at the time.  Besides, he’s more at home with weeds, manure and other garden detritus [Hear, hear! – HCA Overlords].

Ahem.  Anyhoo, the power of flower arranging seems to have enthused our members, as usual.  “It was great; amazing!” said David.  “It occupies your mind, doing stuff like that,” he added.

Thelma also enjoyed herself.  There were roses and gladioli and gypsophila [which she kindly spelt for your HCA hack] in the arrangement she made, which she took home.  David put his on display the Centre.


“Alright, flower…?”


A sunflower by any other name would smell of feet…


For enjoyable, mind-occupying, therapeutic creativity, you’d be hard pressed to beat the Master Florist’s Flower Arranging sessions at Millman Street Centre, and Holborn Community Association would like to thank Peter for providing yet another one for our members.


Freshly arranged photos: Sarah; flowery, deranged report: Notes Smudger

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