#Gardening at Millman Street Centre


Rima and Rose dig for victory

Today, Holborn Community Association’s resident gardening guru, Rima, gave Millman Street Community Centre members another of her celebrated Gardening Sessions.

The camera-shy plantswoman enlisted our members’ help in planting tulips and other spring bulbs.  For the, uh, Spring.  You know, next year.  Obvs.

Beyond that, HCA’s decidedly agriculturally-impaired hack could comprehend little.  His fingers may be green, but this is probably due to an unspecified vitamin deficiency [or lack of hygiene – HCA Overlords].

Ahem.  Meanwhile, Lilly was watering and tending to the Millman Street garden.  Alas, Sarah was busy elsewhere, so the quality of photography suffered as a result of this reporter’s cack-handed camera skills:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It seems various plants and flowers in the garden are thriving under Rima and Lilly’s care.  And come next Spring, we hope to see the tulips and other bulbs planted today springing up.

In no way the latest example of bulking out an otherwise threadbare article, this reporter was inspired to compile a brief playlist of plant-related tunes:

Tulips From Amsterdam – Max Bygraves

Wicked Garden – Stone Temple Pilots

Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Can U Dig It? – Mock Turtles

Tip-toe Through The Tulips – Tiny Tim

…And anything by Robert, erm, Plant



Flattering Steve isn’t always easy…

Focus-less photos and ramshackle reportage: Notes Smudger

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