#Halloween Art at Millman Street Centre


Halloween Art at Millman Street Centre

A fortnight ago, ’twas Halloween at Millman Street Community Centre.  And, erm, elsewhere, too.  Ahem.  But what concerns us is that back on 31st October, our members were treated to a Halloween Art session, hosted by Carmen, HCA’s Activities Co-ordinator.

HCA’s on-the-spot reporter wasn’t, as he was being horrid-at-Halloween elsewhere.  Fortunately, Sarah took some photos, which hint at food decoration being the theme of the session: cakes, pumpkins and so on.

“We had a good time,” said Fred.  “Had a good laugh.  Olive was telling funny stories about Halloween and ghosts.  We had a go at making a pumpkin,” he added.  “When all the candles were in it, it looked nice.”

Margaret recalled that, “We made little sponge cakes, put a beetle on it [not a real one, obvs].  We did some icing and decorations,” she continued, “then put in two eyes and lips.  We had a pumpkin on the table, [but] it was mostly decorating the cakes!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our other members seemed to enjoy making the treats and, one can only imagine, eating their creations afterwards.

Another tradition at Halloween (and, indeed, several other times of the year) is for HCA’s horrid hack to pad out threadbare reports with a soundtrack (i.e: list of songs) which readers may like to play whilst reading his, erm, outpourings.  You’d think by now he’d have unearthed more than the three Halloween-related tunes he listed in last year’s offering, but not a bit of it.  Here they are again:

The Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers.

Halloween by the Dead Kennedys.

Halloween Theme (1978), composed by its director, John Carpenter.


Queenie and Steve sing along to the DK classic…


Marvellous photos: Sarah; manky report: Notes Smudger

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