#Pottery and Poetry at 1A Arts


David prompts fun and laughter. Again…

On Thursday, 1st November, several of our Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed a day of Pots and Poems at 1A Arts, part of the Holborn Community Association family.

Poems were produced, and pots thrown by our members.  Your potty (mouth) HCA hack was elsewhere at the time (i.e: not invited), but Sarah says that members wrote poems concerned with their own names, and began making pottery of holly and ivy, which will be continued in the next session.  She also took some poetic photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alas, despite his absence, this reporter felt obliged to pad out this threadbare blogpost with another of his, erm, ‘poems’:

Ye Poet and Ye Pottery

by Notes Smudger

Amidst ceramic, o’er 1A way,

Dideth yonder pott’ry ne’er dismay

Them wot saw the end result

Of fruitsome labour of ye members and their unpretentious efforts

As opposed to poncey verse by talent (less) hacks

Pottery-ing about for want of purpose

‘Tis little wonder ‘poets’ (ahem) starve

Even the proper ones.  Alas…!


Ahem.  Still, at least Sarah’s photos are pretty good…

If you reckon you can compose better poetry than this reporter’s (and who doesn’t?), why not give it a go?  The Pots and Poems sessions are open to all over 55-year-olds, and run fortnightly on Thursday afternoons at:

1A Arts, Roseberry Avenue, London EC1R 4SR

Workshops are free and are kindly supported by Ageing Better in Camden and the Big Lottery Fund.


To book, please complete the form on the main Holborn Community Association website: http://www.holborncommunity.co.uk

Or give us a call on 0207 405 2370 (option 3) to find out more.

Fine photos: Sarah; poetic licence [revoked]: Notes Smudger

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