#Salsa Classes at Millman Street Centre


Thumb up: Salsa with Ewelina at Millman Street Centre

In addition to the host of classes and workshops already available to Millman Street Community Centre members, Holborn Community Association now offers Salsa classes at the Centre.

Hosted by Ewelina, the aforesaid Salsa sessions take place each Wednesday at 3:30pm, for an hour.

The classes are free of charge for all HCA members, so if you fancy shaking a tail feather – in a Salsa stylee, of course – then get your bones down to Millman Street Centre.  Good exercise, good fun and, goodness knows, a goodly way to keep warm now the weather’s turning nippy of an evening.

Naturally, this reporter was too unfit to attempt to join in previous Salsa sessions at the centre, to say nothing of his, erm, ‘dancing’ skills: akin to “a bag of filthy washing being kicked around a tower block stairwell by bored, unsavoury youths in a bleak mid-1980s TV drama” may be a bit of a mouthful as far as descriptions go, and yet it be – oh, how it be – a not entirely inaccurate description of the sausage-footed scribes’s gruesome gyrations.

Ahem.  Fortunately, Andrew was on hand to take snaps of an earlier session, possibly October 24th.  It’s difficult to capture the Salsa vibe in still photos, but our Older Peoples’ manager’s photos give some idea of the fun and feelgood-ery enjoyed by our members:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Holborn Community Association would like to thank Ewelina for providing Millman Street Community Centre members with her Salsa classes.


Salsa exercise snaps: Andrew; existential angst: Notes Smudger


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