#Table Tennis at Millman Street Centre


Awed by David’s ping-pong skills…

On 31st October, it wasn’t just Halloween at Millman Street Community Centre.  Some of our members enjoyed use of the Centre’s table tennis, erm, table.  For table tennis.  Or ping pong.  Or wiff-waff…

Anyhoo, it’s all good fun, therapeutic, great exercise and good for the health (of those other than bloggers).

Ahem.  David features in the photos, making his opponents laugh, as is his wont.  Sarah took said pictures.  Nuff said…

…is what this reporter is going with, as he wasn’t here at the time and has no other information to go on.  Not that his witnessing events at the Centre is any guarantee of an interesting and informative report, as previous blogs will testify.  Still, nice photos…


Action shot…


Action shot. From different angle…

There are still occasional outbreaks of table tennis at Millman Street Centre, often of a Monday, Wednesday or Friday often featuring David.  If you’re an HCA member, maybe you could be his next opponent?  Phone the usual number to book a game:

0207 405 2370 (option 2) to find out more.


Pinging pictures: Sarah; ponging prose: Notes Smudger

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