#Happy Birthday, Edna! 96 Today


Happy birthday, Edna

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members were on hand to help Edna celebrate her 96th birthday.

A lovely chocolate cake was rustled up, with Steve doing the cake-cutting honours as usual.  Even your HCA hack had a slice, and very nice it was, too.

Members and staff gave a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday for the lady in question, and Edna thanked everyone.  Profusely.

A birthday slideshow documents some of the festivities:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Edna shares her birthday with cheeky chappie Max Miller (born 1894), film director Roy Boulting (of the Boulting Brothers; born 1915), actresses Juliet Mills (1941), Goldie Hawn (1945) and Liza Tarbuck (1964).

Other events in history on this day include: the first appearance of cartoon favourite Tweety Pie in Tex Avery’s  A Tale of Two Kitties (1942), the first time the House of Commons permitted TV cameras to film what MP’s get up to (1989), and the 1917 spat between Maxim Gorky and Vladimir Lenin, when the former called Lenin “A blind fanatic and unthinking adventurer.”

Blimey.  Anyway, it is also the anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers reaching America in 1620.  Historians still groan when people say they wore buckles on their black, pointy hats in those days.  They’re almost certainly right: what point would there be in having a buckle on a hat?  Why not a comb on your trousers?  Anyway, it is still a popular misconception, which ‘justifies’ (ahem) this:

Buckle Hat

Nifty titfer, circa 1620


Holborn Community Association would like to wish Edna many, many more happy birthdays, and we hope she will spend them with all her friends at Millman Street Community Centre.


Lenin after Gorky’s name-calling: Same to you with nobs on. So ner….

Birthday bash pix and report: Notes Smudger

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