#Speech and Language Student at Millman Street Centre


Libby (between speech) with Thelma

Today, Millman Street Community Centre hosted enjoyed the third and final Speech and Language session by placement student Libby.

Libby is looking at types of communication that older people do: social activities, and where and with whom they do it.  It could be exercises, museum visits, restaurants or watching TV.

Last week was a ‘picture description’ task.  It’s a shame that Sarah was too busy to take these photos; sadly, your HCA hack had to take these poorly-taken snaps, which, like his writing, are indescribable…


Libby’s Language session…

Anyhoo, this week, Libby was doing speech exercises with our members; talking with and listening to them.  The idea is to gauge how members talk on phones, read books, watch TV and so on.

Libby is doing her Masters Degree at City University in Clerkenwell.  She’s studying for a Speech and Language placement, funnily enough.  Which is just as well, given what she’s been doing at Millman Street Centre for the last three weeks.

“People who engage in more social activities tend to be more confident in their communications,” said Libby.

Quite so.  The whole wide range of Speech and Language is of course a vast, erm,  thingummy [as this reporter believes the term to be] to summarise in three short weeks, but Libby has given our members a flavour of the, erm, taste of communication.  And very lip-smacking it’s been, too…

Anyhoo.  Libby didn’t have time to go into infinitesimal detail, but it has been suggested* that language itself was invented by one of our caveman ancestors – let’s call him “Ug” – somewhere around 150,000 years ago.

The first thing ever said?  Hmm.  Opinions vary, but experts* wonder if it mightn’t have been “Careful with that bleedin’ fire that’s just been invented!  You’ll set the ruddy cave alight!” or even “Oh, my poor feet!  Why won’t someone invent the wheel?  I’m right cheesed off with having to walk everywhere…!”

[*1 Note: suggested only in this blogpost]; [*2 Note: ‘experts’ imagined only in this blogpost]

We wish Libby well with her Masters Degree, and hope that she’ll put what she’s learned at Millman Street to good use.

Frightful photos and rotten report: Notes Smudger


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