#Annual General Meeting 2018#Holborn Community Association


Enthralled at the AGM

Last Wednesday (21st November), Millman Street Community Centre was the venue for Holborn Communty Association’s Annual General Meeting [AGM].  There was a lovely meal after formal business, cooked by Saira.  Kate and others said it was “delicious.”

Posters bedecked the Centre:

There will likely have been much discussion of the last year’s events.  An ideal opportunity for your this reporter to meet, interview and listen intently to HCA’s Bigwigs, and, erm, medium-sized wigs.  However, he didn’t attend, hence this brief outline of events, padded out with photos (by Elly, and, alas, others by him).


Pirate-themed this year (see top of Elly’s pic)


Today, HCA’s Director, Paul, told the daft scribe that “There was a lot of energy” at the AGM, adding that the “vibe was good.”  He also praised Elly for successfully publicising the event, and for her presentation on the night.

Carmen, our Activities Coordinator, was presented with flowers and a card by Paul on behalf of all at HCA, in recognition for her work at the charity for thirty years.  Thanks, Carmen.

A more fulsome tribute is surely only a matter of time.

Photos: Elly (good ones); Notes Smudger (not so good); report by the latter


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