#Mono Print Making at Millman Street Centre#Sunday Social


Socialising on Sunday: Millman Street members

Last Sunday (25th November), Millman Street Community Centre was the venue for the second Sunday Social workshop.  Under the guidance of HCA’s Arts Manager, Hazel, several of our members enjoyed creating various artworks.

“It was good,” David said of the various activities.  “We done a good bit of ’em!”

He’s off to Ireland for Christmas, so he’ll have to miss the next session on 30th December, but George may go.  He enjoyed last Sunday.  “I’ll try anything,” he said.  “If it was up to me, I’d [just] get a paint and a brush,” he added.  “It’s a lot of hard work,” he said.

But none the worse for that.  If you fancy expressing yourself creatively, why not pop along to the next Sunday Social at Millman Street?

HCA’s Bigwigs were tight-lipped on the subject of whispers that future Sunday Socials will include workshops on how to write blogs properly.  To the relief of one improper HCA hack.  No names, no pack drill.

Ahem.  Sarah was also on duty last Sunday, taking the photos in this portfolio of, erm, photography:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday Socials are free monthly creative workshops for people aged 60 and over.

Workshops will usually take place on the last Sunday of every month.  Participants will be provided with a light lunch as well as a two-hour creative workshop.

Future sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

30th December 2018
13th January 2019
24th February 2019
31st March 2019
28th April 2019
26th May 2019
30th June 2019
28th July 2019
25th August 2019

Sessions are free and are kindly supported by Ageing Better in Camden and the Big Lottery Fund.

Millman Street Community Centre

50 Millman Street, London, WC1 3EW


To book, please complete the form on the main HCA website:


Alternately, call Hazel at 1A Arts on: 0207 405 2370 (option 3) to find out more.


Arty photos: Sarah; Artless article: Notes Smudger

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