#Christmas Schedule at Millman Street Community Centre



Ho, ho, and – what’s the other one? – Ah, yes: Ho.  For ’tis the Festive Season at Millman Street Community Centre.  Hence the use of “Tis“, which you can only really get away with at this time of year.  Unless you’re ancient and talk like wot them did in ye olden days [like our resident blogger, perhaps? – HCA Bigwigs].

Cheek.  Anyway, over the coming weeks there will be all manner of activities taking place at Millman Street Centre for the entertainment of HCA members:

  • Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Salsa Session 3:30pm to 5pm

A sizzling Salsa class that’s sure to spice up your exercises in the run up to Christmas.  Hosted by Ewelina.

  • Thursday 13th December – Inspire Christmas Crafts 10:30am to 12 noon

Students from a local College will make Christmas Cards with our members.

  • Tuesday 18th December – Christmas Party (with The Camden Community Blues Orchestra) 12 noon – 3pm

Don’t feel blue this Christmas; feel the blues.  It’s unlikely that John Lee Hooker will turn up, but if he does, the mince pies are on your HCA hack

  • Wednesday 19th December – Mrs H and the Sing-a-long band

Long-time faves and friends of Millman Street Centre members, Mrs H and Co. return to entertain us with added festive cheer.

Mrs H-xmas 2017

Mrs H and Ali at 2017 Christmas lunch

  • Friday 21st December – Christmas Dinner 12 noon to 3pm

Food, glorious food (or, for fans of Charles Dickens, Drood, Glorious, Drood)…

Ahem.  It being the last day at the Centre before the brief Christmas close down, all members will be welcome to tuck in to what’s sure to be a festive feast.



Forthcoming festivities: Notes Smudger

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