#Games Afternoon at Millman Street Centre


Fun and games at Millman Street

On Thursday, 10th January, Samira and six of her fellow students from the London School of Economics University Islamic Society, called GIVE (Generosity Instills Value In Everyone) came to Millman Street Community Centre to deliver a Games Afternoon.

Though absent at the time, this reporter is given to understand that the Games Afternoon evoked a fair bit of competitiveness between various tables, a friendly rivalry which, thankfully, did not – repeat did not – degenerate into a seventeen-man brawl.

While such a thing would have perhaps made for a more sensationalist article, in reality it was all good clean fun.  And, erm, games.  Which is what you want from a Games Afternoon, ideally.


Fun on the cards: Helena and friend…

Samira and friends bought some of the games themselves, which they have donated to HCA for the enjoyment of our members.  Next Monday, 4th February, Samira and the students will return to Millman Street Centre for another round of games.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Samira and her colleagues from the London School of Economics University Islamic Society.  We hope they will become regular visitors to Millman Street Centre.


Grandmaster George: check-mate…?

Photos: Kate; report: Notes Smudger

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