#Mosaic Classes at Millman Street Community Centre#Fridays


Mosaic at Millman Street Centre

Millman Street Community Centre offers a variety of classes and workshops to members, including the Mosaic Class of a Friday afternoon.  Between 1pm and 3pm, for a small fee (to be negotiated) for materials, you could be creating a mosaic of your very own.

Now, as for the photos featured here, this reporter tried to find one of a Roman mosaic floor, but – wouldn’t you know it? – despite said tiles being a couple of millenia old, he discovered that copyright on ancient Roman images lasts ad infinitum.

HCA can’t afford the lira and/or sesterces demanded by the emperor’s descendents, so you’ll have to make do with the snaps snapped by your HCA hack:


Horrendous HCA hack: too mean to pay Roman copyright fee

Forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger

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