#Free#Sunday Social at Millman Street Centre#Sunday 28th July, 2019

Veg Oxo luv-1X

Luurve is in the, erm, arts…

The latest Sunday Social event to be held at Millman Street Community Centre will take place on, erm, Sunday (obvs), 28th July.  Our members will be able to explore the world of embroidery in the latest workshop.

This reporter couldn’t easily find a photo of embroidery, so opted to add a pic of his own veggie stock cube (above; variations below), which crumbled into a love heart shape of its own accord.  Well, it’s artsy.  Sort of.  And there are ceramics and photography workshops included in the Sunday Social classes.

Ahem.  The Sunday Social Embroidery workshop will take place between 12pm to 3pm,  and is free.


HCA New Logo 4Forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger

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