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QSF 2019

Last Saturday (6th July) saw Millman Street Community Centre represented at the annual Queen Square Fair, just up the road in, erm, you know, Queen Square.

There was no HCA bric-a-brac stall this year, but the food stall was manned – and indeed womanned – by Ruma, Mawish, Operations Manager Saira, Mktg Co-ord Elly and caretaker John.

Hazel from 1A Arts had a stall in the green bit of the Square, where your roving, raving, rotten reporter also discovered HCA Director, Paul, and ruthlessly interrogated him in the manner of a proper journalist/cold war KGB information obtainer, extracting all of his personal and the charity’s secrets.

Ahem.  Paul may remember it differently, and to spare readers tedious comparisons between rival versions of events, let’s just say your HCA hack will not reveal what was vouchsafed to him on that slightly overcast July afternoon.  Paul did, however, agree to be photographed next to a weird thingummy:


Director Paul and, erm, exotic display

Anyhoo.  What can be revealed is that there was Line Dancing in the Square, and a succession of musical acts, including the Northern Celts.  Later, HCA members sang along with some of the Mary Ward Centre players.

Earlier, the Latino-influenced Bahareque Band played, and their harpist, journalist Colin Gordon, graciously allowed your HCA hack to take a blurry snap of him with said instrument:


Isn’t the very name Colin Gordon evocative of Latin America…?

Steve and Sarah were also in attendance, helping members around the displays and stalls, and HCA‘s Activities Coordinator, Carmen, had her own stall, offering face-painting.

HCA Chairperson Crispin was also to be seen (and indeed badly photographed), as was former Millman Street Centre manager, Sue, snapped chatting with Bridie, Lilly and Sevilla.

This reporter also ran into Millman Street member Sheku who, in her capacity as local resident, was manning another stall.  She alerted him to the Football For Freedom cause, designed to inspire girls in Palestine to come to Britain and play the beautiful game with their counterparts here.

Time for a pictorial.  It’s as good a way as any to get shot of the other photos that couldn’t be crowbarred into the main article:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6th July was also International Kissing Day, and our Older Peoples’ Services manager, Andrew, was persuaded to snog his missus, Joss, for the occasion, egged on by Carmen and this reporter.  Aww…

Your HCA word-mangler also enjoyed a slice of strawberry cake, sold for only a quid by ladies from Uganda who have a shop in Camden Town.  Fancying himself as something of a connossieur of the strawberry, he would recommend said shop to anyone – if he could recall it’s name, that is….


Strawberries and cakes: scoffed by HCA hack…


Holborn Community Association would like to thank everyone who supported us and other charities at this year’s Queen Square Fair.  Special thanks to those who gave up their time to man the food stall, and to cook the food sold from it of course.


Contact: Bahareque Band: baraharequeband@hotmail.com (You Tube also).

Donate to Football For Freedom via: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/football4freedom and for more info: camdenabudis@btinternet.com


QSF wouldn’t be QSF without a bizarre sight or two.  Aside from the always disquieting sight of this reporter in the square, 2019 featured this:


Funny place, Holborn…

HCA New Logo 4Frightful photos and rotten report by Notes Smudger HCA New Logo 4

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