#Day Trip to Glorious Southend for Millman Street Community Centre Members

This isn’t Southend, by the way

Yes, once again Millman Street Community Centre members are to be let loose on an unsuspecting seaside resort.  After last summer’s sojourn to Whitstable in Kent, this year’s extravaganza is due to roll into Southend, Essex on Thursday 25th July.

It’s not the first time HCA members have been there, but we hope the town has had time to recover since our last visit.

The coach will leave at 9:30am at the corner of Millman Street and Guildford Street.  Anyone interested should book early, and call Steve or Carmen on 020 7405 2493 (option 2).

The cost?  What price can one place on the sort of precious memories such a seaside jaunt is sure [*] to generate?  But, if you insist, there is a £12 fee involved.

[*] precious memories not guaranteed

For those hesitant to commit without first knowing if your HCA hack will be coming along to chronicle the day, rest assured he hasn’t been invited yet.  And even if he does tag along, you can always avoid him by associating with other members, nipping into a cafe or pub, or by distracting him with a colourful sea shell, with which the quasi-literate oaf is much entranced.

Forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger