#”Sing all your troubles away”: Musical Singalong with Stac at Millman Street Community Centre


Oh, How lovely: Stac at Millman Street Centre

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members were treated to the first of three music and singing workshops, courtesy of Stac.  Regular readers may recall Stac as being one of the Sugar Sisters, who performed at the Centre for our members last Christmas.

Today’s first session featured Stac at the piano, singing along with our members.  Among the tunes performed were Que Sera, Sera, Don’t Fence Me In, That’s Amore, Dream A Little Dream of Me, Only Fools Rush In and – in honour of Ann’s 90th birthday – a stirring rendition of Happy Birthday To You.

Stac interspered the better known songs with a few singing rounds, including Heigh Ho, Belle Na, and Oh, How Lovely.

“It was very, very good,” said Ivy.  “Nice songs.  Always lovely here,” she added.  “Always a joy.”

Fred agreed that it was “Very good”.  He and Olive enjoyed themselves, with Fred particularly pleased by Que Sera, Sera.

Helena “very much” enjoyed herself, adding: “A lovely old time.  Good songs.  [we] never stopped singing!”

Did Mulegetta enjoy the session?  “Sort of,” he deadpanned with customary wryness.  We’ll take that as a ‘yes’…

Queenie certainly enjoyed herself, exhorting all and sundry to “Sing all your troubles away!”

Anne joined in with the singing, and enjoyed having Happy Birthday sang to her.  Later in the day, there was a reprise when her birthday cake was cut, but that’s another story for another blog page….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stac said afterwards: “It was lovely!”, adding, “It’s a really lovely thing for me to do.”

Then she was off, to prepare for tonight’s gig. The Sugar Sisters are playing this very evening at The Wet Fish Cafe in West Hampstead. Performances at 7pm and 9pm.


Holborn Community Association would like to thank Stac for entertaining our members today, and for the next couple of Wednesdays, from 10:45am to 11:45am.

Contact Stac at : stac082@gmail.com

Contact the Sugar Sisters: sugarsistersmusic@gmail.com

Fuzzy photography and rambling report: Notes Smudger

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#Flower Arranging at Millman Street Community Centre


Alright, Petal? Our members get flowered up.

Last Monday (31st July), Millman Street Community Centre was once again the venue for Master Florist Peter’s Flower Arranging workshop. Peter was again assisted by X-Factor contestant, Steve.


Half-man, half-flower: maybe the Day of the Triffids will come true after all…

The regular HCA flower-heads were joined by new HCA member, Shonnie, who, judging by the photos taken by our manager, Andrew, enjoyed her participation.  See slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blooming good photos by Andrew; withered words by Notes Smudger

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#’Proof’ of Time Travel?#Mysteries of Holborn


Milk, from five days into the future…?

Prepare to be amazed!*  We here at Mysteries of Holborn may just have uncovered evidence of time travel.  What’s that you say?  Sounds like a load of old cobblers?  Well, judge for yourselves…

[* prepare to be disappointed]

Your Mysteries of Holborn reporter finally got round to trying to repair the HCA Time Machine, failed miserably, but in doing so, found the photographic ‘evidence’ for the extraordinary time travel claim:

The above photograph features a bottle of milk, clearly dated 31 July.  Repeat 31 July.  And yet today is 26th July.  How can this be?  Can it be that a future four-pinta has slipped back in time five days from a future where milk is date-stamped?  If so, why?  Is it, in its milky way, trying to warn us about the sort of future dystopia familiar from sci-fi?  A dystopia where, perhaps, milk itself is persecuted, adding a sinister edge to the currently harmless phrase ‘lactose intolerant’…?


Not convinced?  Then what about this: could the following snap be proof that fears of cyborgs taking over from us skin and bone human types are justified and not merely technophobia after all…?


Human-robot evolution goes awry…?

Is this what the unholy hybrid of man and machine will ultimately produce?  And, if so, what about the obvious mobility issues?  Or, perhaps, is the above (and following) photo future warning of what couch potatoes will evolve into…?


Sofa spud, circa 2067 AD…?


Still not convinced?  Then maybe this one will send a chill up your spine: Is this next photo proof that in future, invisibility will become commonplace?  Even in politics?  If so, aren’t the blighters tricky enough nowadays, when we can still see ’em?  Lord knows what they’ll get up to if they’re kitted out in invisibility cloaks…


“Here, Here!”: Prime Minister and Cabinet, 2067…?

Sceptics may scoff at these photos, and mock the ideas espoused within this article.  Aah, but who can truly see the future, hmm?  Nostradamus?  Maybe, but writing your prognostications in an mysterious, obfuscating manner that’s open to interpretation isn’t proof of precognition, either.  So there.

Your HCA hack is prepared to expose himself to ridicule [yet more? – HCA Bosses] when he, right here, right now, predicts all six of tonight’s lottery numbers.  His prediction is:

6, 13, 21, 38, 52 and 58.

If he’s wrong, feel free to chortle at his foolishness.  If he’s right and wins, he’ll thumb his nose at his [many] detractors from the safety of his luxurious new gaff in the Tropical Paradise Islands…

Smudger's Shack-3

Greetings from 2067…

Timeless nonsense by Notes Smudger


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#Drama Workshop at Millman Street Community Centre


The read-throughs can be quite absorbing…

This coming Friday afternoon (28th July), Millman Street Community Centre members will experience a Drama workshop with Michael.  He used to host such workshops of a Thursday, recall Ivy and David.  The latter said: “He’s very good, he is.  We read poems with him.  We act out the poems.”

This consists of Michael “giving members a different part to do,” David explained.

Michael’s Drama workshop is open to all HCA members.  If you fancy treading the boards, reading aloud or exiting, pursued by a bear, then pop down to Millman Street Centre on Friday afternoon.  Like as not, you wont get an Oscar – or even a dressing room – but you might just pick up a few dramatic tips.  All we ask is that remember us if you make it to the top…


© ® The Badly-drawn Theatre Mask Group™ 2017…

Report and ‘Artwork’: Notes Smudger

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#DeafPLUS Workshops at Millman Street Community Centre

What that u say-X

“What’s that you say? DeafPlus at Millman Street Centre…?”

Yesterday (25th July), Millman Street Community Centre hosted the first of several Hearing Loss workshops scheduled to each run Tuesday throughout the summer.

Hosted by Faye Rutherford of DeafPLUS, the workshops are designed to help promote independence for deaf and visually impaired people.  DeafPLUS also provide information and advice on all related matters, and provide skills training.  They aim to promote wellbeing, and social and cultural activities and opportunities to overcome the isolation that some deaf folk experience as a consequence of their condition.

Our members Helena, Margaret, Queenie and Ada attended the first workshop.  HCA’s own knitting guru, Jane – who has hearing loss – also attended.  A former speech and language therapist herself, Jane said of Faye: “She was deaf.  She intended to bring a sign interpreter with her, who wasn’t able to come.  But she adapted.”

That’s the spirit.  There was a bit of form-filling, Jane added.  “Then she did a bit of lip-reading,” which, as Jane testifies, “Is very, very difficult to do.”

Quite.  In future workshops, all relevant issues will be addressed. If you’re a bit mutt ‘n’ jeff (E.G: have hearing loss) and are interested in attending the sessions, please contact HCA to arrange to join in with the next workshop.

Email: Millmanstreet@holborncommunity.co.uk

HCA Website: www.holborncommunity.co.uk

The National Office for DeafPLUS is in Whitechapel.  They can be reached via: http://www.deafplus.org/

Report: Notes Smudger

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#Fun#Raggle Taggles at Millman Street Community Centre


Raggle Taggles’ delight at being at Millman Street

This afternoon, Millman Street Community Centre members welcomed back The Raggle Taggles, who performed a storming set with great gusto.  Among their line-up were Norman, Canute, Joyce, Tessa and Margaret.  They were joined by guest pianist, Laurence.

Among other tunes, The Raggle Taggles sang There’s No Business Like Show Business, True Love (from High Society), Hello, Young Lovers, Who’s Sorry Now?, White Cliffs of Dover, Consider Yourself, and a medley which included Knees Up Mother Brown, What A Rotten Song, My Old Man, and Show Me The Way To Go Home.

HCA members sang along and applauded, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with cries of “Encore!” ringing out.  After the show, members and performers enjoyed tea and food.

What was our members’ verdict?  “It wasn’t bad,” George said.  Ivy enjoyed herself.  “It was nice,” she said.  “Keeps you out of mischief!”

“It was very nice,” said Fred, adding that the singers played “some classics.”

Olive also enjoyed herself, as did Noreen, who gave The Raggle Taggles the thumbs up.

“I always like music,” said Mulegetta.  “It’s part of my nature!”

Margaret also enjoyed The Raggle Taggles.  “It makes a change,” she said.  She enjoyed a sing-along: “Why not?” she said, adding: “I liked the piano player!”

“I was happy to have come with them today,”  said ivory-tinkler Laurence.

“Nice!” said Anne.  Joan also enjoyed a sing-along.  “Very nice,” she enthused.  “We all know all the songs.”

Helena “Thought it was great!”

“I enjoyed it,” said Queenie.  “It was lovely; cheered us all up!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank The Raggle Taggles for once again entertaining our members at Millman Street Centre.  We hope that they will return to perform again in the future, and inspire further outbreaks of fun.


Fun with The Raggle Taggles

Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger

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#Camden Mela 2017#Holborn Community Association Befriending Project


Hanif (2nd left) representing HCA

Last Sunday (16th July), HCA’s Befriending Manager, Kate, along with our Bangladeshi Befriending Worker, Hanif, attended the 2017 Camden Mela at Coram’s Fields.

They shared a table with colleagues from Camden Carers’ Centre, promoting HCA volunteering opportunities and services across our three HCA Centres.

The Mela is an annual celebration of cultural diversity.  There were speeches from Camden Council’s leader Georgia Gould, and Camden MP Keir Starmer.

There was music and dancing, face painting, and a bouncy castle and funfair for the nippers.  There was also henna artists, food, craft, drumming workshops and a variety of other stalls run by charities and other local organisations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos courtesy of Kate; report: Notes Smudger

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