#Free Lunch at Bedford House, 28th September, 2018



An End of Summer Community Lunch For People over 55

Friday 28th September, 2018

At Bedford House Community Centre

35 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3QW

1:30pm – 2:30-pm


Please join us for a free lunch and meet new friends at the same time


For further details, please contact Hanif Ahmed

Tel: 020 7405 2370 or 07534 800 2233

Email: hanif.ahmed@holborncommunity.co.uk


Mouthwatering photo: Sarah; forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger






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#Holborn Fun Palace at Conway Hall #Sunday 7th October, 2018


Fun, fun, fun…

Come and join Holborn Fun Palace at Conway Hall on Sunday, 7th October, for a day of fun, creativity and…surprises.

Fun Palaces is a free, ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of the community, with a weekend of events every October.  It doesn’t matter if you’re aged 5 or 95, the activities are for everyone.

The Holborn Fun Palace celebrates the unique skills and passions of local people – run by, for and with the local community.  There will be workshops and activities by local people, organisations and artists, from storytelling and art workshops, to science and invention-making.  There will also be a music jam session, a chance to make a peace bow or even to make a giant flu virus…

Erm, out of polystyrene, it should be emphasised…

So, what are the surprises?  Ah, they wouldn’t be a surprise if they were explained beforehand, now would they?  Come along and see for yourself.  It’s all free…


For a full timetable of events and works, please visit  https://www.holborncommunity.co.uk/ or phone 0207 405 2370 (option 3)


Conway Hall

Red Lion Square

London WC1R 4RL

Free admission 10:30am – 4pm


Tel: 02074051818

Forthcoming attractions by Notes Smudger

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#The Story of Our Streets at Millman Street Community Centre #26th September 2018

Holborn Object

Photo of Holborn object…

Objects wanted at Millman Street Community Centre!  Next Wednesday, 26th September! And also photographs!  Maybe both…

Eh? What’s your HCA hack blathering about now?  Doesn’t he know unnecessary exclamation marks are rationed?  Readers demand an explanation…

Well, Next Wednesday – 26th September, remember? – at Millman Street Community Centre, Holborn Community Association will hold a Reminiscence Session for Holborn residents who attend HCA.

This facilitated session, held in conjunction with STANTEC, aims to capture the memories and personal stories of people living and working in the local area, to whit: Holborn.

If you have a photograph, or a favourite object, which represents Holborn to you, why not bring it along?  To Millman Street Centre?  Next Wednesday, 26th September…?

Got that?  Good, good…

The session will run as follows:

10:00am – Tea, cake and a chat.

10:30am – Welcome, and a talk by Anu Sabherwal

11am – Group discussion about Holborn

12 noon – Lunch

1pm – Art Activity

3pm – End of session


STANTEC Contact details:


88 Gray’s Inn Road


+44 (0)20 7492 5700





If you’re feeling philanthropic – and why wouldn’t you be? – why not donate to HCA via the following link:


Forthcoming Attractions by Notes Smudger

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#Fresh Minds at Millman Street Community Centre


(Fresh) mind how you go…

Today, volunteers from Freshminds returned to Millman Street Community Centre, to engage our members in sculpturing clay, using play-doh.  Other volunteers from Freshminds had given our members an Arts Workshop back in August.

Today’s volunteers – Joy, Bhav, Archie and Kaylah – usually work as Recruitment Advisors, and today was another of Freshminds‘ charity in the community days.

Volunteer Gloria helped out, as did Steve, who was roped in to take photos as Sarah was busy and this reporter takes poor snaps.


Gloria’s “Flowers and tea cup”…


The shape of thingummies to come…


Bhav enjoys a joke…


Edna yucks it up…

Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Freshminds volunteers for choosing Millman Street Community Centre as the place to spend their charity day, and of course for helping our members create something and enjoy themselves.

You can contact Freshminds via: info@freshminds.co.uk

Kingsbourne House, 229-231 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA


Playful photos: Steve; report by Notes “doh!” Smudger


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#Hatfield House Outing for Millman Street Community Centre Members


Exquisite artworks…and Hatfield House

On 31st August, Millman Street Community Centre members embarked on a journey to deepest Hertfordshire, to visit Hatfield House for a marvellous day out.

A Jacobean stately home, Hatfield House opened in 1611.  At the time, it was home to Robert Cecil.  Having previously been Queen Elizabeth I’s trouble shooter, Cecil served as King James I’s Lord Privy Seal, and is often credited as the “discoverer” of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot (you know, Guy Fawkes and Fireworks Night and all that).   He was memorably portrayed in the TV series Gunpowder in 2017 by Mark Gatiss (whose numerous screen credits include Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock, and who is one quarter of The League of Gentleman).


“Bob” Cecil: foiled The Gunpowder Plot, you know…

Hatfield House has been used in several films.  For instance, two of Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft movies used it as a location.  It also featured in Shakespeare In Love [1998], My Week With Marilyn [2011] and, erm, in the 2016 shocker Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (as recommended by Millman Street Centre’s very own horror afficionado, Ivy).

The House has also appeared in numerous television programmes, such as Antiques Roadshow and Australian Master Chef, and features in a new series, Trust, which is to begin on BBC2 tonight (12th September).

Our members and staff thoroughly enjoyed their visit, looking through the stunning displays of artworks and architecture, and gambolling in the extensive grounds.

Naturally, your HCA hack was not allowed to go somewhere posh, lest he despoil the genteel surroundings and/or bring Millman Street Centre into disrepute via his lamentable antics.  Besides, he is such a soft Southern numpty that he regards Hertfordshire as “the North country; like Yorkshire, or Finland or somewhere”, imagining it to be as freezing cold as the Arctic, and populated by Eskimeaux, polar bears, and, erm, Father Christmas.

Ahem.  Helena, Shonni, Anne and Tom were among the HCA members who did undertake the day out, along with staffers Sarah and Carmen.  Anne, Shonni, and Ayr United fan Tom declined to be interviewed about their experiences, by dint of not being at the Centre when this reporter asked the questions.  And so he restricted his interviews to those who were present at the time he conducted them, and made up the rest in his customary style.

“It was very good,” said Helena.  “Very interesting,” she enthused.

“It was fantastic!” Carmen said.  “In each room,” she continued,”the guides told us about the history.  We saw some fantastic paintings,” she added, including: “the Rainbow Painting of Queen Elizabeth the first”.

We’ll get to what Sarah thought of it all in a moment, but first here’s the slideshow, bustling with her pulchritudinous pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“It was amazing,” Sarah said.  She added: “I got told off a couple of times for leaning on a wall,” as, to her surprise, none of the exhibits are cordoned off.  When not slouching against the architecture, she enjoyed the artworks, and also the wild deer in the Great Park.

“They were filming when we arrived,” Tom didn’t say.  “It was The Ayr United Story,” he further didn’t continue, “starring Idris Elba as goalkeeper Ross Doohan…”

“…and a young Joan Collins as Ayr manager, Ian McCall…” Shonni didn’t add.

Nor did Anne say: “I hear it’s tipped for a Bafta…” as this is a total fabrication…


Tom delighted with the Ayr United Story film set…

Anyhoo.  Back to what really happened:

“The grounds were beautiful,” Carmen enthused.  “It was a lovely sunny day.  We had a packed lunch, which went down a real treat.  Our members enjoyed it; it was really nice!”


Holborn Community Association would like to thank all of the staff at Hatfield House for their informative and illuminating hospitality.  We hope there will be another day trip to the House in the near future.


Carmen’s joy at HCA hack’s absence…

Fascinating photos: Sarah; rambunctious report: Notes Smudger


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#Bloomin’ Marvellous!#Flower Arranging at Millman Street Centre


Flowered up: Peter oversees HCA members’ creations

Last Thursday (6th September), our friend Peter, the Master Florist, once again shared his expertise with Millman Street Community Centre members.  Peter encouraged our members to produce a spectacular floral display, pictured here by Andrew:


Foliage tamed…


Foliage arranged…

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Peter for once again providing our members with a stunning Flower Arranging workshop at Millman Street Centre

Foliage photos: Andrew; compost reportage: Notes Smudger

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#Happy Birthday, Ken

Today is the birthday of long-time Millman Street Community Centre member, Ken.

He didn’t come to the Centre today, but popped in yesterday to bring in some chocolate cakes so that our members could celebrate.  He was also thoughtful enough to bring a vegan flapjack for Kate.  What a star.

Ken shares his birthday with composer Claude Debussy (born 1862), former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (1904),and actress Honor Blackman (1925)

On this day in 1962, there was a failed assassination attempt on French President, Charles De Gaulle.  Ken seems to have had a good enough alibi to be ruled out as a suspect.  Also on 22nd August, in 1964 Ken’s beloved Arsenal played Liverpool in the first match ever shown on Match of the Day.

Everyone at Millman Street Community Centre wishes Ken a very Happy Birthday – and many, many more.


Ken exonerated for attempted slaying of De Gaulle…


Snaps and tribute: Notes Smudger



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