#Jewellery-Making at Millman Street Centre


David’s happy making bling

Today at Millman Street Community Centre, HCA’s Activities Co-ordinator, Carmen, helped our members make some jewellery.  Part of our Arts and Crafts workshops, this latest outburst of creativity was viewed with no little envy by your cack-handed HCA hack, who took some blurry photos which, naturally, didn’t do the subject justice.

Margaret made a bracelet, David was his usual lively self and other members concentrated intensely on creating their respective artworks.

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Tomfoolery by Notes Smudger

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#Where Did You Get That Hat? at #Mary Ward Centre

mary ward players

Hat’s off to the Mary Ward Centre Players

Our friends the Mary Ward Centre players will once again be performing on Saturday, 22nd June.  The latest Music Hall musical celebration is titled “An Ascot Week Music Hall!”

As ever, the players will lead sing-a-long fun, and all for a mere £3 door donation.  So come along and give them your support, have fun and sing along.  Oh, and bring a hat.

Mary Ward Centre

42 Queen Square


Forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger

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#Day Trip To Glorious Southend for Millman Street Community Centre Members

This isn’t Southend, by the way

Yes, once again Millman Street Community Centre members are to be let loose on an unsuspecting seaside resort.  After last summer’s sojourn to Whitstable in Kent, this year’s extravaganza is due to roll into Southend, Essex on Thursday 25th July.

It’s not the first time HCA members have been there, but we hope the town has had time to recover since our last visit.

The coach will leave at 9:30am at the corner of Millman Street and Guildford Street.  Anyone interested should book early, and call Steve or Carmen on 020 7405 2493 (option 2).

The cost?  What price can one place on the sort of precious memories such a seaside jaunt is sure [*] to generate?  But, if you insist, there is a £12 fee involved.

[*] precious memories not guaranteed

For those hesitant to commit without first knowing if your HCA hack will be coming along to chronicle the day, rest assured he hasn’t been invited yet.  And even if he does tag along, you can always avoid him by associating with other members, nipping into a cafe or pub, or by distracting him with a colourful sea shell, with which the quasi-literate oaf is much entranced.

Forthcoming attraction: Notes Smudger

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#Volunteer’s Week at Millman Street Centre

volunteers week 2019

HCA is celebrating the achievements of our volunteers this year for national Volunteer’s Week hosted by @NCVO.  

Volunteers Week is a chance to celebrate and say thank you for the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK. It takes place on 1-7 June every year and is an “opportunity to celebrate volunteering in all its diversity”.  HCA will also be taking out a group of our volunteers for a celebration meal this week to mark the occasion too.

In 2018 HCA had an amazing 81 volunteers give in total 3509 hours of volunteering across our 3 sites.  We are really excited to share some of the amazing work our volunteers do, together they contribute so much in bringing our community together – helping us to support 1300+ people per year.

We have lots of different types of volunteers at HCA, from corporate volunteering to befriending to STEM Club to admin roles to name a few.  We plan to extend our volunteers week to a #HCAVolunteers month to allow us to showcase a bit more of their amazing work – so keep your eyes peeled for our HCA volunteer insights throughout June.

See main Holborn Community Association site for more

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#Garden Renewal at Millman Street Centre Garden

Recently, on 16th May, the Millman Street Volunteer Gardeners made the garden and patio beautiful gain.

Our gardening volunteers Chris and Jeff  worked with Lilly, one of our neighbours, and a HCA Trustee in tidying up the patio area, putting the blooming flowers in the sun.

With the upper wildlife area, they conducted a spring clean while respecting the local Squirrels, Robins and our Woodpecker.  For a look at a short video, visit Holborn Community Association’s Facebook page.

Cribbed from main HCA site.

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#D-Day 75th Anniversary: Holborn Community Centre Members Remember

Allied troops capture Nazis

Tomorrow is the 6th of June, the 75th anniversary of the 1944 D-Day landings in Normandy, which of course led to the beginning of the end of the Second World War and the destruction of fascism in 1945.

This time last year, your forward-thinking (ahem) HCA hack asked Millman Street Community Centre members to share their memories of hearing the news of Operation Overlord as it happened.  Like an elephant (big ears, greying skin, fondness for peanuts and scared of mice, etc), he recalls their responses, and replicates them here.

“I was in the Air Force,” George recalled.  “We went to France to drop leaflets to tell them [French civilians] that we were coming.”

Fred and Olive were at school in Mill Hill,  “We heard about it on the wireless,” Fred said.  “We watched transport planes pulling gliders,” he added.  Olive was “in the air raid shelter” a lot of the time back then, he remembers.  “The headmaster explained it to the whole school,” he said;  “What it all meant.”

“I was so pleased it was all happening,” Ivy said.  “I was only little – about ten, I suppose,” she added.  Concerning D-Day heralding the end of Nazi Germany, she said: “Good job and all!”

Quite.  And yet, apart from the horrors of the war and the deprivations suffered on the home front, she said: “I still think that the war days were the happiest days in London.”

And just in case you jumped to the conclusion that this reporter was merely rehashing an old blog post, he found another interviewee he’d missed last year.

Margaret said: “I remember crowds celebrating that day.  My husband was wounded and came home,” she added.


Tomorrow, we will think not only of the sacrifices of Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen and the French Resistance, but also of those who, like some of our members, awaited the end of the war back home.

French Resistance

Vive la resistance

British soldiers with mascot

Report by Notes Smudger

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#Sculpy Play at Millman Street Centre


Volunteers help our members scuply playing…

Today, volunteers from Iwoca, the Business Finance people, came to Millman Street Community Centre to help with Carmen’s Sculpy Play art class.

HCA member Margaret made a couple of colourful turtles; others made a family of penguins, a rainbow unicorn and a whale.  Fortunately, Sarah was around to take decent photos.  Sadly, so was this reporter, hence the drivel-like quality of the article in which said photographs are embedded.  Alas.


Creativity abounds at Millman Street Centre

Anyway, here’s what some of ’em who were there had to say:

“We’re all enjoying ourselves and having fun,” said Carmen, HCA’s Activities Coordinator.

Dane from Iwoca said: “I like the arty side of it”.

Under expert interrogation [sic] from your HCA hack, it was also discovered that the volunteers also do pub quizzes and food tasting at their other local volunteering days.

The hopeless word-mangler’s attempts to wangle free financial advice stalled when it was discovered that he’s boracic lint – a term used by financial people (oh, and, erm, Cockneys) to denote penury (it rhymes with ‘skint, see?)

Yeah, yeah.  That’s all very well, but what about the artworks, eh?  Well, since you ask, the figurines made by our members today are to be put in a kiln and cooked.  [Cooked?! What’s the fool on about now? – HCA Bigwigs].  That is to say,  placed in a kiln and heated in order to prepare them for decoration at a later date.  You know, like pottery and all that.

Ahem.  Any-wenny-way, Carmen said that the volunteers are due to return to Millman Street soon, to participate in another artistic activity yet to be determined.


Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Iwoca volunteers for their help today, and we look forward to their next visit to Millman Street Centre.


HCA volunteers and staff in their true glory. Your HCA hack on the left…


Photos: Sarah; report: Notes Smudger


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