#Photography Workshops at Millman Street Community Centre


Mulegetta pictured laughing…!

There is a new workshop at Millman Street Community Centre.  It is a Photography Workshop.  It is to be held each Thursday afternoon.  It is run by people from the Mary Ward Centre.  The first workshop was last Thursday (14th September).  Cameras and iPads were used by our members.  Sarah took some photos.  The next Photography Workshop is tomorrow, 21st September.  That is all.  Of the information.  That this reporter.  Was given.

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Photography has come a long way in its (almost) 200 year history.  The oldest surviving camera photo was created by Nicéphore Niépce (in 1826 or 1827) at Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France.  It shows parts of the buildings and surrounding countryside of his estate, Le Gras, as seen from a high window:


The first known photo

Photos by Sarah (and, erm, Nicéphore Niépce ; report by the non-photogenic Notes Smudger

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#Bollywood Dancing at Millman Street Community Centre#Fly Me To the Moon


Moving pictures: a blur of dancing…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre saw the latest Bollywood Dancing workshop, courtesy of our friends from Akademi.  Anushka oversaw today’s class.  Margaret, Shonnie, David and several others joined in, dressed up, and enjoyed themselves.  The usual soundtrack of Bollywood classics was presaged by  Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra.  This reporter has no idea why, but presumes it is a mysterious Bollywood tradition that an ignoramus such as he cannot be expected to comprehend…

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Akademi’s project is part of Camden Council’s Kala and Camden Intergenerational Festival, which runs from 16th to 21st October.

There will be a performance at the Bloomsbury Festival, held between 18th and 22nd October.

The Akademi crew will be conducting workshops each Wednesday between 11am and 12 noon, until 4th October.

Akademi’s Bollywood Dancing workshops are funded by Camden Council and The Young Camden Foundation.
If you are interested in attending further workshops at the Centre, please book on:

020 74052493 (option 2), or Contact Claire at Akademi: claire@akademi.co.uk

Photos and Report by Notes Smudger


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#Tomfoolery#Jewellery Making at CREATE


Margaret and Queenie display their bling…

Yesterday (19th September), Millman Street Community Centre members including Margaret, Queenie and Shonni went to another workshop hosted by the arts charity CREATE Arts, which is based at London Wall.  The workshop was again held at Liverpool Street.  There, our members created some jewellery and enjoyed lunch.  As can be seen by the photographs, our members’ creativity was very much on display…

Photos and Report: Notes Smudger

CREATE can be contacted via: createarts.org.uk


David fails to keep out of the picture; Mulegetta sort of succeeds…

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#Flower Arranging


In Bloom: Millman Street Centre Members

Last Monday (18th September), Millman Street Community Centre members were once again treated to a Flower Arranging masterclass by Master Florist, Peter, assisted as ever by Steve, the X-Factor contestant.  Never mind this reporter’s flowery prose; the slideshow better tells the story of the day:

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Blooming good photos by Sarah; withered report: Notes Smudger

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#Happy Birthday, George!


Happy Birthday, George…!

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members once again wished one of our number a very happy birthday.  This time, it was George’s turn.  Members sang Happy Birthday To You, signed a card, and a cake (and its double) was conjured up to help the birthday boy celebrate.  Steve did the honours and shared the chocolate confection between members and staff.

George, a former engineer, invented a ticketing machine used on the London underground – an achievement he modestly says was “Only a little thing”.  He also makes his own 3-D cameras.  Yes, that’s right: makes his own.  Again, he is quite modest about this, previously telling this reporter that it was “easy”.   George even appears on Instagram as a ‘Living Legend’

George shares his birthday with author Roald Dahl (born 1916, died 1990), singer Mel Torme (1925-99), Richard Kiel (“Jaws” in the James Bond Films; 1939-2014); Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) and actress Claudette Colbert (1903-96).

Further back in time, today is also the day that work began on Hadrian’s Wall, way back in 122AD.  Well, it didn’t prevent George – a son of the Musselburgh district of Edinburgh – from moving to London in 1952 or thereabouts.   He is yet to develop a Cockney brogue.  Still, there’s always time…

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Photos and birthday bash pix by Notes Smudger

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#”Very Powerful” film#Hidden Figures:#Tea and Talkies


Last Monday (11th September), our friends at the Warner Brothers cinema once again did Millman Street Community Centre members proud, providing entertainment in the shape of a movie, followed by tea and cakes.  By showing a film released back in January, they have aided this reporter’s ludicrous claim to offer The Last Word in Film Reviews, usually written about works of cinema that proper critics have reviewed long, long ago…

The latest cinematic treat was Hidden Figures.   It is the story of three mathematicians – all African-American women – who toiled, unsung, behind the scenes during NASA’s launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit in 1962, heralding America’s entry into the Space Race.

The story of the brainbox mathematicians – Katherine Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) – also encompasses the American Civil Rights movement, and also in the background, the film partly examines the role of women in the USA at the time.  The trio were, obviously, up against it from all sides…

Released in January 2017, in Canada, Hidden Figures was directed by Theodore Melfi.  It also features Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst and Jim Parsons (Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory tv show).

The proper critics have long since reviewed the film, and their opinions can doubtless be found online.  Including these three:

Dr Mark Kermode, for instance.  He of the Kermodian Rant, esteemed critic and all round good egg, also bears a passing resemblance to HCA’s Older Peoples’ Manager, Andrew.  You never see them together, do you…?

Antonia Quirke reviewed Hidden Figures for the New Statesmen.  Her Quirke’s Cast and Crew documentaries on Radio 4 also shows that she knows what the “Best Boy” does, resolving the mystery which has perplexed film-goers since credits were first put on the end of movies…

Peter Bradshaw is best known as the Guardian‘s film critic, but it seems one of his colleagues reviewed Hidden Figures instead.  However, his own acting ability is not bad, judging by role as Lord Peter in the sitcom Baddiel’s Syndrome, which he also co-wrote.

But what did our members think about Hidden Figures?  Only a couple of those who attended were available to be interviewed, so we’ll have to take their word for it.

“I enjoyed it,” said Helena.  “It was a good film.  Very powerful.  Something of interest.  I enjoyed it; very good!”

Steve said: “It was a good two hours [worth].  Those three women went on to do great things.  [Kevin] Costner was good in it,” he added.  “Everybody clapped at the end,” he recalled.


Clever-clogs know what all this means…

And finally, a warning about “Mis-researching”, wherein a hapless hack accidentally stumbles on something that sounds similar to the relevant subject.  Sort of.  That’s how this particular fool arrived at Hidden Fig Honey Cake.  For what it’s worth, check out: brokeassgourmet.com/articles/hidden-fig-honey-cake.  Nothing to do with films, but what the hey?


Holborn Community Association would like to thank Warner Bros Cinema for once again providing our members with a wonderful Tea & Talkies presentation, and free of charge, to boot.

Report and, ahem, “review” by Notes Smudger


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#Kew Gardens Trip for Millman Street Community Centre Members


Kew withstands Millman Street invasion again…

Yesterday (12th September), Millman Street Community Centre members embarked on another expedition to the world-famous Kew Gardens.  A couple of years has passed since the last jaunt there, so the fuss had, hopefully, died down.  A bit.  Mainly because this time, your HCA hack didn’t go along…

Shonnie, Mulegetta, Sevilla and Noreen all did, along with staffers Sarah and Carmen.


Nature: Erm, blue in beak and claw…

So, what did everyone think?

“It was amazing!” said Sarah.  “It’s nice to get away and see nature,” she added.  “Overall, it was a nice day out.  All our members were happy to have a little getaway.”

And what of Mulegetta?  “It was alright,” he deadpanned.  “Nothing exciting,” he added.  In translation, this sort of comment usually indicates that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Shonnie was more enthusiastic.  “It was good,” she said.  “Nice to be out,” she added, without the help of her son.  “It was a really enjoyable day,” she grinned, adding that the Millman Street party were glad to have avoided the rain.  “I really enjoyed it!”


Shonnie (centre) enthuses…

Sarah’s photography is really coming on, judging by the range of subjects she snapped and the unpretentious compositional style she employs.  Especially, her pictures of flowers, natural features, creatures and, especially, the peacock that nearly stole the limelight.  Sounds like a “kew” (cue, geddit?) for the obligatory slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Sarah (except the ones she’s in, obviously); report by Notes Smudger

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